I have purchased koi and supplies from Inland Koi many times. I have never been dissatisfied. It is extremely easy to order from Inland. The shipping cost is fair. Delivery time is fast. They offer quality products. The koi are healthy and beautiful. I would not hesitate to recommend Inland to anyone. THEY ARE FANTASTIC TO DO BUSINESS WITH!
-Julie A.
Sept. 13, 2005

The variety of choices that this vendor carries are enourmous and having lots to choose from is very important. Communication is excellent, the vendor is very easy to get a hold of and all my questions have been answered. I recommend anyone interested in acquiring koi fish or supplies to use Inland Koi.
-Igor C.
Jun. 4, 2007

AquaMeds Ulcer Aid Rx

AquaMeds Ulcer Aid Rx
Ulcer Aid Rx Ulcer Aid Rx™ Kit Treats Tough Bacterial Infections FAST! Body Sores * Gill Infections * Fin Rot * Mouth Rot and more!

Ulcer Aid Rx™ treats those hard to cure bacterial infections that just will not heal.

Ulcer Aid Rx™ is a blend of multiple antibiotics that have been proven to work together both in the laboratory and in field trials. This combination of antibiotics has been shown to be effective even against multi drug resistant bacterial pathogens.

Your choice of four easy to use treatment methods, a bath, topical spray, direct application or our unique “rocker method”. Only takes just five minutes or less to complete the treatment method of your choice. Ulcer Aid Rx™ is simple to use and very effective in managing serious bacterial infections in ornamental fish.

Now Here’s the Best Part! Our Ulcer Aid Rx™ Kits *makes it very easy for you to mix as little as four ounces of *Ulcer Aid Rx™ in our easy to store spray bottle and as much as five gallons for multiple baths. With our *Ulcer Aid Rx™ Kits *there is no reason to mix more product then you’ll need for one treatment.

Each Ulcer Aid Rx™ Kit *includes a spray bottle, your choice of 130 grams or 50 grams of *Ulcer Aid Rx™, special measuring spoons for easy measuring of the proper dosage. (no weighing needed) Plus, every kit includes step by step instructions for each of our four easy treatments of your choice.

Two Sizes to Choose From Ulcer Aid Rx™ Kit - 50 grams $34.99 makes two gallons plus

Deluxe Ulcer Aid Rx™ Kit - 130 grams $54.99 makes five gallons plus


Keep out of reach of children!

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